Moving Tips

Moving is exhausting, especially when you have a large closet. Learn how to pack clothes the right way to save time and headaches. Here a couple of great moving tips for a stress-free move.

How to pack clothes for moving :

Step 1: Organize, declutter and launder clothing.
Step 2: Pack off-season clothing ahead of time.
Step 3: Create a “moving week” box of clothing.
Step 4: Pick the best packing method for moving clothing.

Packing tips from Life Storage

Packing tips from Home Depot

How to pack your kitchen for a move

5 steps to pack your kitchen for moving

Your move will feel a million times easier if you know how to pack your kitchen. We look at some of the most important parts of the process and break it down into five easy steps. Moving expert Kurt Manwaring shows you how to do it right in this post.

  1. How to get organized
  2. How to pack dishes
  3. How to pack glassware
  4. How to pack pots and pans
  5. How to pack knives

How to find a mover you can trust.

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